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kitchen remodel
kitchen remodel


There are so many ways to update a kitchen and create more usable space. 

Installing an attractive long island or updating an existing one are economical and direct ways to increase workspace while giving family and friends a place to join in.

Updating the cabinetry with new paint or refinishing, adding new cabinet door hardware, or adding all new cabinets are a way to express your style.

A popular kitchen remodeling choice of our clients is to replace the countertops with an all-new surface. While granite is a favorite, quartz and marble are also popular options. We have samples that you can see to help you make a choice.

Changing out the kitchen sink can make a big difference in the overall style of the kitchen. Farmhouse-style sinks are popular right now.

Kitchen floors are high-traffic areas, so replacing the flooring can do wonders to improve the appearance.

Other items that can have a refreshing impact in a kitchen remodel are installing a new vent hood, new backsplashes, and updated faucets.

There are so many styles and finishes available to express your unique style while staying within your budget.